How to gain Weight Naturally with Ayurvedic Medicine
How to gain weight by Ayurveda
How to gain weight by Ayurveda

How to gain weight by Ayurveda

Most of people are just trying to find the quick way to increase weight, without knowing their own body’s metabolism, which could be an issue due to various reasons. If any of the three Doshas – Vata, Pitta, or Kapha is imbalanced, then weight gain becomes a tiresome process and people look for quick solution.

Well the solution lies in correcting the dosha. Although there can be various other reasons too for being underweight or not gaining weight even if you are eating the right food.

 The weight gain is related to Dhatu or known as tissue. When our food is digested, the nutrients are then absorbed into the Dhatus. And if there is a problem with the absorption of required nutrients, then it affects the metabolism and in the process,  a person’s weight does not increase.

Even Ayurveda can’t give you a quick relief method but calls in for an holistic approach towards your own body, with some lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, and using right kind of Ayurvedic Herbs.

Yes, Ayurveda can help you for some solutions to put on weight the right way and the best part is that it determines your right Body Mass Index weight not just by the number shows on weighing scale but by your own body constitution which is controlled by Tri Doshas.

Try to put in soya bean in your daily diet. As you know Soya is high  in protein and you should be looking for good sources of protein naturally. Don’t just go on eating so called body muscle builders but a right amount of diet with right amount of everything can make a huge change in your body.

Make a habit to Eat a fruit or drink fresh fruit juice on daily basis, if possible every day or at least trice a week.

If you are non-vegetarian then include any meat of your choice twice a week but remember not too spicy, eggs are good source of protein, do include this in your diet if possible in morning breakfast. You can also Include curd, ghee (Purified Butter), Milk, Sugarcane or Jaggery rice, Blackgrams (Kala Channa) or Matra and wheat in your daily diets. All these are all good for gaining weight in a healthy manner.

Just having a good food for gaining weight doesn’t mean you don’t need exercise but In order to increase your weight properly, you must exercise regularly or atleast walk a mile or so to allow the body to metabolize the food you have consumed and further keep your appetite strong.

Some Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight gain is well known for producing good results but even mission is lost when you don’t follow the healthy way of eating and exercising.



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