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Our Yogkam Ayurvedic Diabetes Care medicine boosts the nervous system, enhances the pancreas working properly preventing further increase in blood sugar levels. Since its 100 percent natural and there are no side effects, which means diabetic patients can also lead wholesome and happy lives. Ayurveda is a complete and self-sufficient medical science. With its wholesome approach, the ancient system can assure excellent care for a diabetic patient.

Remember, no ayurvedic medicine can work if there is no change in daily lifestyle, one has to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

इसके इस्तमाल करने से धीरे धीरे पैंक्रियास ग्रंथि इन्सुलिन पूरी मात्र में बनाना शुरू कर देती जिस वजह से जब इन्सुलिन ग़ुलोकोस के साथ मिक्स होता है तो वह एनर्जी बनाता  है जिस वजह से शुगर का लेवल कण्ट्रोल में आना शुरू हो जाता है धीरे धीरे कमजोरी दूर होना शुरू हो जाती है ,और आप अपने दैनिक कार्य आसानी से कर पाते है!

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शुगर होने के कारण :

  1. जब पैंक्रियास ग्रंथि प्रभावित हो जाती है तो वह पूरी मात्रा में इन्सुलिन नहीं बना पाती,  जिस वजह से जब वह ग्लूकोस के साथ मिक्स होती है तो एनर्जी नहीं बनती , शरीर में शर्करा की मात्रा बढ़ जाती है
  2. अस्त व्यस्त जीवन शैली
  3. अधिक वजन ,मोटापा
  4. शारीरक निष्क्र्यता

परहेज : 

  1. धुम्रपान ना करे
  2. शराब का सेवन ना करे
  3. ब्लड प्रेशर और कोलेस्ट्रोल ना बढ़ने दे
  4. तनाव से ग्रसित ना हो
  5. अगर कोई परेशानी है जिसकी दवाई चल रही हो तो चिकित्सक की सलाहानुसार ले
  6. गर्भवती महिला या जो बच्चे को स्तनपान करती हो वो इसका इस्तमाल ना करे!

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas, a gland behind the stomach, does not produce enough insulin, or the body can’t use insulin properly. Insulin helps carry sugar from the bloodstream into the cells. Once inside the cells, sugar is converted into energy for immediate use or stored for the future.

How to use

Take 3 -4 tablets twice a day before half an hour of a meal or as directed by an ayurvedic practitioner.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the specialty of your medicines?

The name and ingredients  (Herbs) of each medicine comes written on our medicine packs and purity is absolutely guaranteed and pure thing always give benefits. The benefit of the medicine starts appearing within the first 10 days.

What if there is no benefit after eating the medicine?

Although it does not happen that there is no effect because pure thing always give benefits, but still you feel that if you are not satisfied with the medicine, then on the 16th day you can return the medicine, your money gets back to you.

Everybody speaks like this but no benefit is given, so why should I believe in you?

Everybody is not the same, many times it happens that according to our problem we do not get medicine and even everybody has different metabolism and physiology, therefore,  if there is no effect on you, we would like to understand your medical background so that we can provide you the best solution in terms of Medicine.

How to order medicine?

You have to write your name and address to get the medicine, you get the medicine from the post office or from the Courier within 5-7 days. Please be sure to provide us the right address and mobile number(s).

How to pay for medicine or is there any discount available?

The money will be given to the person who will bring the medicine / if you pay online then 10% discount is available (PAYTM / ACCOUNT)

Can both men and women take medicine?

Both men and women can use the medicine or as prescribed by your doctors and yes, if any of you are under medical treatment, then they should be used with the doctor’s advice only.


Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care

6 reviews for Yogkam Diabetes Care

  1. Gurharsahi

    Good product without any side effect, I gained weight and controlled my diet as told. No Junk foods

  2. गोपाल शर्मा

    पहले 15 ही दिनों में अच्छा फायदा मिला

  3. Niranjan shah

    Effective and No side effects

  4. siddarth malhotra


  5. gurpindar singh

    Sugar ki vajah se jo thakan thi aur kamjori thi usme acha fayda mila

  6. shekhar aggarwal

    Bhaut acha Ayurved me hai dam

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